2016 Kitchen Improvement Project

12/19/2016 UPDATE:  CUPHD came for our initial inspection of our newly updated facilities and equipment on 3 December 2016.  We passed with only one finding – an issue with the soap dispenser at the hand washing sink.  This was fixed in the following days.  Click on the link below for the cost break down of the work required.  Thank you to everyone who has donated to allow us to complete this project!


8/1/2016 UPDATE: The required equipment has been purchased. The total cost was $11,147.71 inclusive of taxes and shipping. The supplier is Webstaurant Store – whose quote was approximately $3,000 less than a local supplier to whom we were referred, while providing better quality equipment. The majority of the order (with exception of the hot buffet and hand sink) is either in Terre Haute, Indiana or in route to there. The final leg will be executed by a local agent. The company which makes the hot buffet and sink makes equipment “to order,” therefore had some production time. These pieces should be shipping within the next several days.

The electrician was at the house last week to evaluate the work that needs to be completed. Once he provides a quote, we will share the information.

Background: Please see the Spring 2016 Point for the background

Plan: In coordination with the undergraduates, it was determined that moving from a Category I kitchen (on site chef) to a Category II kitchen (food prepared off site) was in the house’s best interest. The main factors in the decision were the large cost to bring the kitchen up to Category I status and, under CUPHD requirements, Category I kitchen cooking areas must be locked and restricted to occupants when the cook is not on site. This would have prevented undergraduates from using cooking facilities over the weekends.

After discussions with a number of food service suppliers, we have entered a relationship with Hendrick House. Talking around campus, the undergradutes found that they had a good reputation and provided quality service. Additionally, Hendrick House’s proposal will result in a moderate cost savings to the alumni association, while providing the same level of service as our previous supplier, Campus Cooks.

Execution: Working with Hendrick House staff and our Property Manager, we are working out the final plans for what equipment needs to be procured and what modifications need to be made to the structure (primarily electrical and plumbing). While the plan is evolving, we are planning on upgrading the dishwasher area and the vestibule area. The rear area with the stove and three basin sink will be “for occupant use only” and minimally upgraded at this time. We are still determining the best location for placing the hot and cold buffets for serving.


If you have questions, concerns, skills, connections, or would like to help out please contact Dave at psiuoalumvp@gmail.com

Clicking on each priority below will take you to additional information and approximate cost.

Equipment Requirements

Facility Requirements