Priority 2: Handwashing Sink

Project Detail

Why? Public health code require a handwashing sink to be located within 15 feet of any area where food preparation is occurring. Our current plan is to install it off the end of the dishwasher rack (opposite the garbage disposal) to hopefully take advantage of existing plumbing.

Proposed Solution: Advance Tabco Stainless Steel Handwashing Sink with splash guards, bottom rails, and integrated soap and towel dispenser. Guards are required on hand washing sinks when in close proximity to prep areas and clean dishes to prevent dirty hand washing water from contaminating surfaces. Selecting a unit with legs (as opposed to a wall mount) will provide greater survivability in a challenging service environment. Opting for the integrated soap and towel holders ensures that all needs are met in a space efficient manner.

Approximate Cost (less tax & freight): $550